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August 7-20, 2023

Young Composers Alumni

Meet Our 2022 Young Artist Composers!

Chung Ki Peter Min

Chung Ki Peter Min is a composition student studying at the Schulich School of Music at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. As Peter also holds a pharmacy degree from the University of Alberta and has been practicing as a licensed pharmacist for three years, he considers himself a late-blooming musician pursuing a passion in piano and composition. Peter is interested in exploring expressiveness found in dissonances, and working with different colors and textures of instruments through the use of contemporary techniques. His artistic vision is to present the beauty he encounters in life, even in the darkest of moments. Throughout his composition journey, Peter’s aim is to work with non-Western instruments from different musical cultures to discover different sounds, and explore new instrumentation possibilities, especially in the context of chamber music. A current personal artistic goal is to introduce the Korean arts through a Western musical medium. His hope is that his music stimulates the interest of its listeners, and acts as an impetus for them to further engage with Korean culture.

Zihan Zhao

Zihan Zhao started her full-time music study in her early twenties at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (M.A. 2020) and is currently studying composition with Christopher Butterfield at the University of Victoria (M.Mus.). Since childhood she has studied playing the Chinese instrument, Guzheng (21-string zither) as well as piano, arousing her deep and lasting interest to innovate contemporary Chinese music with a fusion of western instruments. Also fond of photography and the visual arts for long, she keeps exploring cross-media music composition with visual effects. She has shot and edited short films for her music pieces to strengthen the expression of the mood and atmosphere. Before entering the music profession, she studied quantitative finance at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Past Alumni

Participants of the Tuckamore Festival’s Young Composers Program have gone on to win national prizes, receive commissions and secure spots in top graduate programs across Canada and the USA! Check out our complete list of alumni and their accomplishments here:


Kirsten Stewart, Athena Loredo, Hsiu-Ping (Patrick) Wu


Michael Spiroff, Holly Winter, Taylor MacGillivray


Leslie Opatril, Daniel Gardner, Robert Humber


Leslie Opatril, Michael Maevsky and James Lowrie


Stephanie Orlando, André McEvenue and Gavin Fraser  

“My experience at Tuckamore was both fun and challenging. It was a very valuable week which pushed me in new directions as a composer.”
— Stephanie Orlando

“The Tuckamore Young Composers Program was exactly the kind of experience that is most useful to an early career composer. The daily masterclasses challenged and engaged me in new ways, and I greatly benefitted from the close rehearsal with the young artists—who produced an excellent recording of my piece. In addition, being able to workshop new material with Duo Concertante was just incredible.”
— Andre McEvenue


Angelese Pepper, Gavin Fraser and Aiden Hartery 

“This year’s Young Composers Program at the Tuckamore Chamber Music Festival was invaluable to me as a young composer. As a participant, I had the opportunity to work with the Festival’s very talented Young Artists, bringing my new piece to life while composing another a new work throughout the week.”
— Gavin Fraser


August Murphy-King, Sarah Beth Cormier and Alexander Simon


Jessica Blenis,  Andrew Noseworthy and Jacquie Walker


Brad Bonnell and Bekah Simms


Bekah Simms and Colin Taylor 

“This one week program has had a significant impact on my writing. I would recommend this program to any young composer interested in writing chamber music: at the end of the week, you will have better chops, better knowledge of string/piano chamber music, and a stellar recording of your piece.”
— Bekah Simms

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