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August 8-21, 2022


Thank you to our sponsors and supporters.




Tupman & Bloom LLP
Holland Nurseries

Our Supporters

Newfoundland Labrador


$1000 and up

Anonymous (2)

Phyllis Artiss

Benefaction Foundation

Séan and Margaret Brosnan

John and Maxine Frecker

Susan Gardiner and Brian Noseworthy

Tom Gordon and Mary O’Keeffe

Elinor Gill Ratcliffe C.M., O.N.L.,LLD (hc)

Jean Claude Roy

Thomas Smee


Anonymous (4)

Terry Goldie

Lois R. Hoegg and Ches Crosbie

Michael Hui

Robert Mellin

John and Jan O’Dea

George Parsons

Steven Wolinetz and Karen Lippold


Anonymous (3) 

Valerie Booth

Barbara and Peter Clarke

Alice Collins and Kevin Hogan

Noreen Golfman  

Ken Henderson and Cheryl Saunders

Ann McLoughlan   

Carolyn Mossman

Paul Rice

Christopher Ryan

Bruce & Eugenia Sussex

Eleanor Swanson

Douglas Wright

Up to $249

Anonymous (7)
Dawn Avery
Donna and Peter Ball
Clare Barry
Ann Marie Barry
John and Susan Barth
Edna Boland and Peter Higham
Anne Bown
Olga Broomfield-Richards
Susan Capps
Deborah Capps
Cathryn Collyer-Holmes
Christopher and Elizabeth Curran
Douglas Dahn
Roger and Mona Dahn
Marion Davis
Shannie and Frank Duff
Yvonne Earle
Carolyn Emerson
Victoria FitzGerald
William Goodridge
Randal Greene
Fred Halfyard
Karen and Gene Herzberg
Greg and Sue Irvine
Kathleen Knowles
John and Catherine Lawton
Ewan MacPherson
Mills and Wright Landscape Architecture
Joanne Morris
Levina Neal
Sandy Newton
Stephen O’Dea
Kathleen Parsons
John. C Perlin
Jacqueline Power
Francis Puddister
David Riche
Susan Richter
John Royle
Noel B Schuell
L. Ruth Simmons
Helen Sinclair
Lauren and Joshua Smee
Judy Snedden
Andrew and Tauna Staniland
Charlotte Strong
Dianne Taylor-Harding
Pearce and Sylvia Vincent
Maureen Volk
Terry and Mary Wadden
Jill Whittaker
Perry Wright
Renee Wright, Kevin Wright and Beth Tucker
Joyce Zuker-Fuchs

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