In our new video series, @Home with Duo Concertante, Tuckamore Festival Artistic Directors Nancy Dahn and Timothy Steeves share their insights, experiences and advice, based on over 20 years as a professional performing ensemble. Entertaining and informative, and with a pedagogical focus, these clips offer practical advice to aspiring chamber musicians.

In April 2020, we checked-in with our Young Artist Alumni and asked them to share what they’ve been listening to these days. Here’s the Spotify playlist with some of the music that inspires and uplifts them in this very strange time!

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Click here to watch some of our 2016 Young Artists perform Dvorak’s Piano Quartet No. 2 in E-flat major.

Click here to watch some of our 2016 Young Artists perform Dvorak’s Piano Trio No. 4 in E minor “Dumky.”

Click here to watch a selection from our 2012 Young Artists at Play concerts, Bekah Simms’ “Quarks” performed by Young Artists Spurr (violin), Stryniak (cello), and Blackburn (piano).

Click here to Meet our 2012 Young Composers, Bekah Simms and Colin Taylor.

Click here to watch our artistic directors Tim Steeves and Nancy Dahn of Duo Concertante discuss the origins of the Tuckamore Festival.

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Click here to check out a detailed write-up about our Young Composer Program, by our one and only composition mentor, Dr. Andrew Staniland (Zoom In, The Canadian League of Composers)

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