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August 5–18, 2024

Lifelong Learning

An online composition mentorship program for composers of any age.

In 2020, we launched the “Tuckamore Lifelong Learning Program”, directed by faculty composer Andrew Staniland. The program is open to composers of any age and career stage for a one-of-a-kind online composition mentorship experience.

Program instructors will be drawn from Tuckamore faculty and distinguished alumni. Successful participants will receive private, one-on-one lessons with the goal of a creation of a new work of less than 5 minutes duration. This new work will be prepared and recorded by professionals drawn from Tuckamore faculty artists and alumni.

Our 2020 mentor was Tuckamore Young Composer alumni Bekah Simms and our 2021 mentor was Andrew Noseworthy.

To find out more about our Lifelong Learning Program or to apply, contact us.

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