Accessibility & Directions

Respect Statement

The Tuckamore Festival is dedicated to providing space that is accessible, inclusive, and free

from oppression, harassment, and discrimination. During our events and gatherings, and as part

of our concert series and Young Artist Programs, we will treat each other with respect and

dignity, regardless of age, race, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, levels of

ability, religion and all our other diverse identities.


The 2021 Tuckamore Festival will feature both live performances from various locations in St. John’s as well as online livestreams and virtual performances. We are pleased each year to continue working towards making our annual event more inclusive and accessible to all patrons.

Our D.F. Cook Recital Hall and Suncor Energy Hall concerts are located in the Memorial University School of Music. These venues are entirely wheelchair accessible including all entrances and washrooms, as well as designated areas for wheelchair seating in both halls.

The First Light Centre for Performance and Creativity, located in Cochrane Street United Church, features an accessible entrance through its Cochrane Street doorway as well as an accessible, gender-neutral washroom.

The Anglican Cathedral features an accessible entrance, located on Gower Street. Please note that the washrooms are not wheelchair accessible; they are in the basement of the Cathedral.

Bannerman Park is an outdoor venue which has its Tuckamore debut this year – weather pending! Bannerman Park’s gazebo/”stage” features an accessible entrance through its paved pathway via Bannerman Road.

If you need assistance to enter any of our physical venues, please let our staff know at (709) 330-4599 and we will ensure someone is there to meet you on the evening.

As for our concerts online, anyone can enjoy great music from the comfort of their own home with access to a computer or phone. However, if technical assistance is required, please feel free to request assistance with accessing our virtual content.

Safe(r) Spaces Policy

Tuckamore Music Festival believes that inclusivity in music is crucial to the betterment of the musical institution as a whole.  A fundamental principle of this festival’s organization is the maintenance of an inclusive, cordial environment for all of our participants. Our values as an organization include remaining conscious and committed to amplifying historically-oppressed voices, as well as working with community leaders of marginalized populations to strive toward safe(r) spaces for all. 

We believe everyone has the right to feel safe at any event they attend. Event spaces — and all spaces — should be non-threatening and supportive to all attendees.

Tuckamore Festival does not tolerate abusive or discriminatory behaviour at our events. Such behaviour is grounds for removal from a Tuckamore venue and may result in cancellation of one’s passport privileges or – where applicable – a permanent Tuckamore ban.

We believe in the safety and wellbeing of our performers, staff and audience members. If you witness abusive or discriminatory behaviour at one of our events, please speak with a venue manager or event coordinator (ask any worker for assistance in finding them).